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Dr. Davis brings sports medicine expertise to The Dallas Limb Restoration Center. He also completed a fellowship in hip and knee replacement and honorably served in the U.S. Army…

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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Vicki H.

  • Infection

Vicki H.

“My youngest daughter had scoliosis surgery this summer, and we've had quite a run with it. The incision became infected and we were hospitalized for much of the summer. The hospital sent us to Dr. Buch, and are we ever thankful. He stepped in and cleaned up the mess, did a remarkable job of stitching her back up, and now, in just under two weeks, she's so much better. I know this is a yucky story, but thanks to Dr. Buch, it has a happy ending. On top of his considerate skill, he has a charming bedside manner and keep the children he works with smiling at his silliness and egotistical claims. His confidence is very helpful for parents facing scary times. I cannot recommend this doc highly enough.”


  • Knee Replacement


“This is the best doctor I have ever been to. I have had multiple botched surgeries on my leg. I was told I needed an amputation, due to my chronic infection. Thanks to Dr. Buch, I have still have my leg and I am back to living my life. Words can not thank you enough. Excellent Dr. and Staff!

Bob Evans

  • Total Hip Surgery

Bob Evans

“Age: 72

Procedure: Left Total Hip, Ceramic-on-Ceramic

Surgery: October 2002

'I could not be happier. Before I had my hip replaced I was in constant pain. Every step I took was painful.'”

Brittany Stene

  • Oncology

Brittany Stene

“Age: 17

Procedure: Radical excision and complete resection of the entire proximal mid tibia (lower leg bone) with complex reconstruction of the proximal tibia. Complex reconstruction of the proximal tibia with an allograft hybrid prosthetic construct, using a Stryker oncology system.

Surgery: July 2008

As told by Brittanys' Mother Pamela Stene:

'In April 2008, Brittany Stene was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Brittany received a limb salvage procedure in July 2008, which replaced her proximal tibia, tendons, ligaments and knee cap. Dr. Buch worked a miracle! She has full and complete mobility of her right leg. She is a dancer, singer, and theater performer. In May 2010, she will return to the stage and attempt the most difficult dance number since her surgery. Dr. Buch and Stryker allowed my daughter to pursue her dreams and we are forever grateful.'”

Thomas Nokes

  • Total Hip and Femur Replacement

Thomas Nokes

“Age: 19

Procedure: Total Hip and Femur Replacement

Surgery: 2007

As told by Thomas' Mother, Tammie Browning:

'When we first met Dr. Buch, Thomas had just turned three. I knew he was born a large baby for some reason, I just didn't know at that moment. He would need that extra weight later on. After taking Thomas to two "specialists" here in Amarillo TX, our family doctor is the one who actually saw what was going on with Thomas. He had a large tumor growing behind his left knee. Ostegenic Sarcoma (bone cancer). Our family doctor was very good. He had sent us to the hospital that day to have x-rays. The hospital had already called and told him what it was, and he was leaving a message on our answering machine as we were walking in the house. He told me to get back to his office ASAP. My Aunt picked up the girls from school for me and I took Thomas back to his office. I couldn't even imagine what it was. He went over everything with me, and he had already been doing some checking and found two doctors that specialized in what would have to be done. Dr. Buch was the one he highly recommended. Being a single mom of three at the time, I was beside myself anyway. The biggest thing going through my mind was, "How do I get my child to Dallas where he needs to be?" The Dr. told me, "don't worry, if you can't get there, I'll cover it." My Aunt was there by this time, she told him she would see to it that we got there. We have been so blessed by so many.

I still remember the first day we walked into Children's Medical Center in Dallas. This is where Thomas would be given his Chemotherapy. This was not Dr. Buch's normal setting by any means, but he was there too. I remember thinking to myself when we first met him, "This is one smart doctor!" But the biggest thing that stood out was, well you could just tell he had a heart as big as Dallas. Thomas loved him from the start. I knew right then and there Thomas would be ok.

All of the chemo doctors along with Dr. Buch explained fully what would take place and also over what period of time. The first thing Thomas would have to do is go through some chemo, before Dr. Buch could even remove the tumor. This didn't keep Dr. Buch from coming and checking on Thomas when making his rounds. Thomas loved it, he always wanted Dr. Buch to stay and play with him.

When the time finally came for Dr. Buch to take out the tumor, we were back in the holding area, Thomas, my Aunt and me. Dr. Buch had already ordered "happy" juice for Thomas, so he wouldn't be so upset for his surgery. Dr. Buch came in there to talk to us right before and explain a little. Well Thomas was already feeling his happy juice. As Dr. Buch was walking away to go back to the surgery area, Thomas was blowing him kisses down the hall. It was so sweet; he loved and trusted Dr. Buch. I knew he would be just fine. The surgery was a success.

Thomas had to continue with more chemo. See this type of cancer normally hit older teenagers to adults, so Thomas was a rare case. He had to have two more really strong chemos that would affect his vital organs and hearing etc. There were a few touch and go time through all of it. But I remember Dr. Buch still coming by to check on Thomas. He always seems to bring Thomas up, when he was down. There were times when it was touch and go with Thomas, Dr. Buch would sit and visit with me and tell me it's all going to be ok, he's going to be fine. See Thomas was my baby, and my only boy. Dr. Buch doesn't know how much his kind heart felt words helped me to get through and continue to stay strong for my baby.

Another procedure was done at St. Paul that I remember very well. Thomas was told by Dr. Buch that he had to walk up and down the hall with his little bitty walker for therapy. Thomas didn't want to, so he was screaming and yelling at me, and about that time Dr. Buch came around the corner to do his rounds and he heard Thomas. He walked over and scooped him up by his heels and told him to stop yelling at me and to get busy walking. As I stood there in shock, Thomas took off walking and he never yelled at me again. That surgery was at St. Paul's because Thomas had to have water therapy too and they had a pool. Dr. Buch always knew exactly where Thomas needed to be. There was another procedure done there at St. Paul's, once when Dr. Buch was trying to lengthen Thomas. That was the hardest to look at. But we always trusted Dr. Buch. Just like another time when he had to lengthen Thomas. He gave me that information, but not the details, I guess he thought I might pass out or something, or that it would just be best for me to see it after the fact. It was a lengthening bar that had two pins at the top and two at the bottom connected to this bar which was connected to the inside parts that were in his leg, and everyday he had to turn this nut with a tool and it would stretch his leg. Neat idea, just hard to look at.

Dr. Buch is just so amazing though, everything Thomas has needed done he knew exactly what and where and all the details. You know I mentioned earlier that Thomas loves Dr. Buch; well they just have this thing they share, Thomas has always called him Dr. B. but they are always giving each other a hard time, always joking about something. It's fun to watch. They always have a comeback for what the other one comes up with. And they always have to do this right before a surgery. This past year for example; Thomas was about to have a surgery, and being nineteen now Dr. Buch was teasing and told the nurses to add to the chart to shave off Thomas's goatee, so Thomas came back with, can you add to that to shave off Dr. Buch's hair. They are too funny. He's just a great doctor that way. I remember a couple years ago, Thomas was feeling this fear of not waking up after surgery. I guess because I have had trouble when I had my back surgery. So I tried and tried to reassure him. I just couldn't convince him, so I told one of the nurses without Thomas knowing. She got Dr. Buch, and he came and talked to him, and before you know it, they were cutting up again. Dr. Buch has been such an inspiration, he always knows what to say and when. It's true Thomas has been through a lot of surgeries over the years, but it has always been his choice to let Dr. Buch work his magic so Thomas can keep his leg.

Over the years Thomas has thrown some challenges at Dr. B., but this past year has by far been the most challenging. It all started last Oct. 2006. Thomas's parts started wearing out, he's growing and doing more, he learned to ride a bike for the first time at seventeen. Anyway, Dr. B. fixed it the best he could to hold him over while we waited for the parts to be made. So come Jan. 2007, Thomas could have a full hip and femur replacement. It was a great success as usual. Thomas was so excited; he would hopefully get to walk across the stage at graduation instead of being in his wheelchair. WOW! Hard to think sixteen years have already flown by. Thomas was able to walk across the stage, with crutches, but he walked. The only thing that would have made it better was, if his close friend Dr. B. could have been able to attend. But he knows how dedicated and busy Dr. B. is. Things were going great until July. Nothing anyone did wrong, Thomas's skin and tissues and all that were simply worn thin from all procedures and the cancer over the years. It caused an infection in his leg, right where the stitches were. Our family doctor knew it was bad when I took Thomas in to see him; he had me call Dr. B. right there. Dr. Buch told us to get up there ASAP. We did of course, he put him in the hospital and cleaned it out, and it had done some damage. Like I said always a challenge. But Dr. Buch was certain he could fix it, at least for a little while, because there just wasn't much for him to work with. He sent Thomas home on IV meds. About a week later I was calling him again and I hated it because Dr. B. himself was about to go out of town with his family and then he was going to have to have surgery. He is so dedicated to his work and patients that he doesn't take the time to take care of himself like he should. The reason I had to call him, when I was changing the dressing one evening, there was a hole about the size of a quarter in the stitching area. I knew this was not good, so I called the home health nurse that came out to change the IV dressing once a week. He agreed, so I had no choice but to call Dr. Buch. He was not happy. He wasn't mad at any of us, he was frustrated, he was about to go out of town and Thomas needed him too. So he told us the next step would be for him to get a hold of a plastic surgeon. So he did the very next day. We had to go up there to see him. This trip was by far the worst, on the way up, my glasses broke while we were eating lunch before Thomas's appointment, our luggage was stolen out of our vehicle, then on the way home we were stopped for speeding. We were trying to get to the next town to unhook Thomas from his IV meds, so the officer only gave us a warning. The plastic surgeon explained everything and said he would have to call Dr. B. Well he was already calling him before we left the office. After getting home at wee hours, the new doc was already calling us to turn around and get back. So we had to gather up what we could, and get back. Thomas had a procedure the next day, another clean out surgery the next day, and then the big surgery the following day, which consisted of taking a muscle from the left side of his back and moving it to his leg, all this was very delicate. But it worked. My point to leading up to all this is, over the years, clear back to when I was a single mom of three, which was for some time. Dr. Buch helped more than I can ever repay him, he helped in saving my sons life, but I had no insurance, only Medicaid on Thomas back then. I know he did a lot of his procedures over the years for free. When Thomas turned eighteen although he wasn't finished with school, plus he's disabled, his dad dropped his insurance and child support. I did remarry almost three years ago. My new husband put Thomas on his insurance. But there are still expenses, see I'm disabled too. Back when Thomas had to have his full hip and femur replacement in Jan. Dr. Buch was getting bad then with his hurting. And when he came in shuffling to do Thomas's surgery, we had thought he was just playing with Thomas again. No, he was hurting so bad he couldn't even do Thomas's surgery, but because he knew we were struggling, instead of making us go all the way back home, he offered to put us up in a motel for a couple days so he could rest enough to do the surgery. So we were ready again, then the elderly man scheduled before Thomas, had some complications and they had to use some of Thomas's new parts. So Dr. Buch made arrangements once again to put us up in a motel that had a kitchen so we could at least buy food and cook. The man is so amazing!! He knew we couldn't afford to keep going back and forth. All these surgeries this past year starting in Oct. 2006, Dr. Buch has adjusted for us. And we are so very thankful because with Thomas's dad dropping the insurance nothing is covered 100%, so with the type procedures he has had. Well David and I would never live long enough to ever pay them off.

Thomas is always telling us, "Sure wish we could win the lottery or something, sure would like to repay Dr. B." We feel the same way. How can you ever thank someone enough for all this? There just are not the right or enough words to express it. None! Thomas worries about his friend (Dr. B. ) all the time, he works to hard; that's what he always says.

You know when my new husband and I first married, he wasn't sure what all the fuss was about Dr. Buch. Well he knows now, and he and my stepdaughter like him too. He always has to mess with one of us when we go with Thomas. He has a great personality, the biggest heart ever, and he's a professional. I am Thomas's mom, Tammie Browning, my husband is David, Ereka is Thomas's step sister, and we all thank you so very much Dr. Buch for all you have done for Thomas, and how you have helped us by taking care of it when we couldn't. We are proud to call you our friend. As for Thomas Nokes, he loves you and cares about you like you are related to him, you have helped him in his process of gowning into a young man, and I know you are a very dear friend in his heart.

Thank you!'”

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